Rowan Radio Rock Review – Winter Edition, Vol. 1.


Members of the Rowan Radio Rock Department are back to catch you up on what they have been listening to at the start of 2018. They give you details on the latest from Dinosaur Eyelids, Mickey Hart, A Giant Dog, and more.

A Giant Dog – Toy

If you like alternative bands like, White Reaper, Bleached and Mike Krol, then A Giant Dog is for you. Toy, is their fourth studio album. Overall, this is a pretty good album. It has good energy and there honestly isn’t a single song that I disliked on this album.

The songs are very upbeat with good vibes, a solid 7/10.

-Sarah Camp

Hippo Campus – Warm Glow

This short 3-song EP follows previously released album “Landmark”. The first song, Baseball is upbeat with lyrics that I think a lot of us 20-year-olds can relate too trying to find our place in life. The lyrics for all three songs are heavy and relatable. The final song, Warm Glow has a slower tempo but all songs are great jams.

Slow Burning Car – Defection

Hello 90’s Alternative! This album has that tinge of grunge and angsty tones. There are fun guitar riffs and effects that keep the songs different from today’s repetitive and similar sounding.

Recommended tracks: Soul Crimes, Devil In The Room

The Pack A.D. – Dollhouse

This album has a very eerie feel and the songs focus around real-life issues we are dealing with in 2017 (ex. Political state, anger) There vocals are gloomy and have an ominous sound.

Recommended tracks: Thomas Hardy, I Tried

Scizzorman – Buried Pleasures

This album is full of great beats, it has a very 90’s feel and sound effects. Some of the songs feel like they’re speaking rather than singing, but overall it is a worthwhile album.

Recommended tracks: Sinners Remix  

Dinosaur Eyelids – Left Turn On Red

This album, Left Turn On Red has a new age alternative hard rock/metal vibes. Harmonica is used in a few of the songs adding a midwestern sound, taking away from the metal feel. Overall, this is a great CD.

Recommended tracks: LA Lady and Whisky

Sleepy Sun – Private Tales

Long tracks that are mainly acoustic. This is a psychedelic mix of classic rock and a spacy metal.

Eagle Johnson and Clean Machine – Tennessee Beach

This album has a very 70’s influence of American rock. As a whole, it is trippy music with alternative rock twist. All of the tracks have soul and you can feel it right through the music. Instrumental segments have a Grateful Dead influence.

Petit Biscuit – Presence

This album is a has a mix of dreamy and funky beats. You can hear the synth through instrumental tracks, which are mainly the tracks that are produced just by Petit Biscuit. These songs don’t feel like they have much substance. They do a lot of collaborations, featuring other artists in a few of these tracks. I enjoyed those the most, as they had more vocals. The used some instruments from the string family, adding a beautiful tone to some of their songs.

Melkbelly – Nothing Valley

I am not sure what is happening in these songs. They are Chicago and creative art based, but they sound a mess. There is a 90s grunge sound that just does not work.

This Pale Fire – Alchemy

This has a folky-chill sound, he sings of emotion and human experience of love, hurt, lust, etc. Very earthy sounds, some songs have an electronic undertones, a lot of guitar and solo singing. He reminds me of Chet Faker and Bon Iver (if you like them you’ll love The Pale Fire).

Stonepop – Physical Business

Very busy with different beats within single songs. Maudie’s voice is so strong and think, it is beautiful. They duo share strong messages. They use the keyboard to make a lot of their sounds, very electronic. Beats remind me of the 80’s dance/disco, retro-funk.

Lucid Structure – We Were Never Here

Very meditative beats., all sound no vocals. As the artists is called, the songs are what lucid dreaming is made of.  Some jazz/saxophone incorporated.

No vocals, just beats, lucid sounds, and enticing meditative beats.

-Danielle Miller

Mickey Hart – RAMU

Percussionist Mickey Hart, known for his time as drummer of The Grateful Dead, creates an innovative sound unlike any other on his latest studio album. No two tracks are alike: some are psychedelic, abstract instrumentals, others are speaking, singing, whispers or shouts over traditional drums or electronic percussion. A diverse group of musicians and singers contributes to this musical work that draws influence from all corners of the world.

Kan Wakan – Phantasmagoria

The second album by Los Angeles-based project Kan Wakan took three years to make, and the three-disc album eminates the dedication Kan Wakan poured into the orchestral journey. Delicate strings, strumming acoustic guitar and airy synth are complimented by echoing vocals from an array of female and male vocalists. Each track, often 5-6 minutes in length, is its own world of sound. The first two discs are atmospheric and dreamy while the third disc incorporates more rhythm.

-Taylor Henry

You can catch Rowan Radio Rock weekdays from 9pm to 1am on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM and online at





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