Rowan Radio Fall Documentary Series Now Available Online

prodstudioThree new documentaries are available online from Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM.

Collaborating with Rowan University’s Radio Production course, WGLS-FM released three new documentaries last week, focusing on sexual assault on college campuses, marriage, and social media.

Behind the Closed Door: Examining Sexual Assaults on College Campuses delves into the troubling trend of sexual assault on college campuses. The program looks at Rowan University’s policy through the eyes of students and experts. Plus, it takes a look recent cases.

Overshare examines society’s fascination with information sharing on social media platforms and how it can impact relationships with people.

Time of Change explores relationships between men and women and how they have changed from generation to generation. From the 1900’s to now, relationships have taken a dramatic turn in our society due to technology, our economy and simply just ways of life.

All three documentaries can be found on SoundCloud or iTunes.


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