Five Questions With…Damara Peraino


Next up on Five Questions With… is Rowan Radio daytime personality Damara Peraino.

1. Why did you choose Rowan University?

DP: Originally after doing a short News Studies program with KYW, I was going to go to Temple since it seemed like everyone who worked at KYW had gone there. However, my older brother was at Rowan at the time and started bringing me around the campus so I’d see what it was like but also got a chance to see the radio station. I sat in with friends who had their own radio show and went to the fancy radio banquets in the early spring and just became hooked. While I think Temple would’ve been a nice experience away from home, I’m more than happy to be at Rowan as it gives me the chance to be apart of something I’ve been on the outside of for three years. 

2. Why did you want to join Rowan Radio?

DP: After doing the KYW News Studies program I decided I would work with radio in any way that I could. When I started coming around the station before I was a student at Rowan, I found that I really liked the atmosphere and people who were at the station. While many of those people have graduated; I feel like the people who are here now and who are coming in still keep that positive atmosphere. It’s totally groovy.

3. What’s your favorite movie?

DP: Labyrinth, how can you not like tight pants on David Bowie?

4. What’s the last book you read?

DP: Snow Crash, I highly recommend it since a couple of the things that happen in this book (written in 1992) are happening now.

5. You can have dinner with three people dead or alive. Who are they? 
DP: Art Bell, after listening to Ghost to Ghost and then moving over to his regular programs, he solidified my desire to be on the radio but also ignited a goal to also have a spooky radio show/podcast some day.

Mark Z. Danielewski, his book “House of Leaves,” is one of my favorites and I want to see if he talks sideways and in squares too.

John Lydon, Public Image Ltd’s album “Album,” was the anthem of my life for a little while, it would be cool to meet the lead singer and also possibly go burn things and steal dogs, like punks do.

You can hear Damara Peraino every Saturday night on Satin Nights from 11pm to 1am on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM and


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