The Local Scene: Get To Know Abandon The Tides


Abandon The Tides is an alternative rock duo based out of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Gaining influence from various artists like Pink Floyd and The Wonder Years, they’ve managed to create their own unique sound that will definitely hit you right in your feelings. Get to know them as they answer some questions from Rowan Radio’s Kelly Green.

When did ATT form?

ATT: We formed almost three years ago around my sixteenth birthday. We had four members in the band at that time. Instead of playing guitar and singing, I just sang. We had an amazing drummer named mike. Matt, our current drummer, was playing bass at that time.  And Jordan was our guitarist.

Who is in the band now?

ATT: A lot of members have come and gone in the past three years. Right now it’s just me (Casey Greatrex)  and my other guitarist, Mike Field.

When did you get signed to a label & what kind of impact has it had on your music?

ATT: We got signed to Crybaby Records back in October, and  it’s had a huge impact on our music. It’s given us a  lot of confidence to keep pursuing our dream in music. Getting signed really changed our perspective about the band, (and) made us work ten times harder.

How would you describe your sound? Do you think it fits into any particular genre?

ATT: We have like a Smiths kind-of feel, with some emo/pop-punk roots. Still, to this day, I don’t know of a specific genre to put our music into.

Who are some artists you guys enjoy or kind of look up to?

ATT: The Smiths, American Football, The Story So Far, Pink Floyd, Balance and Composure, The Front Bottoms, Forever Came Calling, Major League, Crucial Dudes, Have Mercy!, Defeater, Have Heart, The Wonder Years, Citizen and Turnover.

If you could play any music festival, which one would you pick?

ATT: I would have to pick Woodstock because it was such an amazing event. I would love to just really vibe on stage, and look out into that huge crowd. Just for that one moment of bliss, I know I would feel right at home.

Can we expect any new music or shows in the near future?

ATT: Yes! Mike and I are working on a new album right now. It’s called Substance. This album is going to be a big change for us. The writing style is going to be much more in depth, along with the instrumentals. As for shows, we are planning an east coast tour this summer. Other than that, we usually play around Philly a lot. You can follow us on social media. It’s always updated with show dates and tickets.

instagram: abandonthetides

Rowan Radio’s Kelly Green is the host of The Alternative Scene on Wednesday nights from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.


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