The Starting Line Returns After Eight Years


Rowan Radio’s Kelly Green is very excited about the return of The Starting Line, whom will be releasing an album for the first time in eight years.

Local pop punk legends have a Christmas miracle in store for fans around the globe. The Starting Line has officially announced the release of a new record. They took to social media, stating “Tom, Mike, Brian, Matt and I [Kenny] are very pleased to let you in on TSL’s new tracks”. They confirmed that it has been eight years since they last released music , and that this record has “been a long time coming”.

The record, entitled Anyways, will contain three brand new tracks. The record does not yet have a specific release date, but will be coming sometime in the New Year.

On Thursday December 17th, “Anyways”, was released as the first single. The track features an “all grown up” Kenny Vasoli offering what sounds like an apology to fans. He opens the song with lyrics “I’ve been given a lot of time to get my life set straight and my head on right” he goes on to admit, “I thought that I could do no harm until I started to lose my charm”. Vasoli opens up to the listener as the track progresses and the song kind of turns into a much-needed reunion between two close friends at a basement party.

Musically, the band proves to be picking up where they left off in 2007. On “Anyways” they continue to build off of the gritty-punk and less pop-punk sounds of their last studio album, Direction. The new sound works for them as they stick to the defining mixture of melodies on keyboard and guitar.

Setting a foundation for the pop punk scene, The Starting Line has always been a band that others look up to. At their home show in Philadelphia, world touring band, The Wonder Years, expressed their gratitude toward TSL. Front man Dan Campbell took a break from singing midway through the set to point out that some members of The Starting Line were in the crowd. He reminisced briefly on how he grew up listening to TSL, and if it weren’t for them, The Wonder Years wouldn’t be a band. Before moving into the next song, Campbell became emotional as he admitted he only hopes he can make them proud.

Other big names in pop punk have been expressing their excitement for TSL as well. Up and coming bands like Real Friends ad Major League took their positivity to twitter:

It has become obviously clear that there are no hard feelings toward the band and their hiatus as fans have been nothing but supportive of the new music. We hope this means The Starting Line is back to stay, but if not at least we have some new music to keep us sane. The band has yet to mention any news on a 2016 tour; however, you can see them play on December 27th at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey for their annual holiday reunion.

This holiday season, music-lovers can be thankful for bands and artists as timeless as The Starting Line, who are still able to impact lives after almost a decade of being away.

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