Beach Slang Turns Heads With Their First Album


Rowan Radio’s Kelly Green recently took a listen to the recent album by Beach Slang and has a few thoughts to share…

Local music fanatics prepared for more than parties and costumes this Halloween, as one of Philadelphia’s own released their long awaited album.

Beach Slang, a four piece rock band, dropped The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us on Friday, October 30th. The album is already blowing up, receiving praise from some of the most prestigious publications, from The Telegraph to Rolling Stone. Its success is well-deserved considering the band has been pumping out great music since their very first EP.

Their latest album can be summed up in one word: Authentic. Beach slang brings back the meaning of punk with heavy drums and steady guitar, leaving listeners unable to sit still. Song Titles like “Noisy Heaven” and “Dirty Lights” fit perfectly with the band’s grungy aesthetic. It feels like each track is a snapshot of those nights spent in your best friend’s basement.

Many of the tracks sound anthem-like as vocalist, James Alex speaks on behalf of an entire generation. Proudly shouting lyrics from “We are young and alive!” to “We’re animals, drunk and alive!” the band turns the typical punk angst into something that is oddly hopeful.

These raw and gritty lyrics blend brilliantly with the band’s vintage sound to create what is the essence of modern youth.

Already facing such major success with their first album, there is no telling where Beach Slang will go from here. The sky is the limit as they set a new standard for punk rock with The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us.

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