History Of WGLS-FM Documentary Series Podcasts Now Available


“Fifty Years and Counting: An Oral History of WGLS-FM”, a four-part documentary on the station’s history is now available on the WGLS-FM website.

The documentary, split into four 30-minute parts, explores the station’s humble beginnings in 1964 to its rise as one of the nation’s most decorated college radio stations through assistance from scholars, students, and industry professionals.

Written and produced by WGLS-FM Assistant Station Manager Leo Kirschner, the series features special interviews with alumni and scholars conducted by Rowan University students Chet Green and Nick DeFeo.

The series is narrated by WGLS-FM alum and WOGL-FM on-air personality Angela Mason.

Meanwhile, the executive producers of the series are WGLS-FM Station Manager Derek Jones and General Manager Emeritus Frank Hogan.

Each piece focused on a different aspect of the station’s 51-year history:

Part 1 – “Birth of a Station” – Learn about the early struggles of students and advisors of transforming a simple 10-watt radio station into the voice of a college and a reflection of the times.

Part 2 – “A Brand New Attitude” – Discover how the evolution of music and radio in the 1980s and 90s influenced WGLS-FM for better or worse. Also, a new general manager rallies students to usher in a new era at Rowan Radio.

Part 3 -“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – A look at WGLS-FM’s award-winning sports department and how a winning attitude put the station and Rowan athletics into the national spotlight.

Part 4 – “And the Beat Goes On” – Students and alumni describe how years of effort and determination formed the unique sound of a small college radio station with big ambitions.

“Fifty Years and Counting: An Oral History of WGLS-FM” can be found by following this link to wgls.rowan.edu.


One thought on “History Of WGLS-FM Documentary Series Podcasts Now Available

  1. Reblogged this on Waldy Diez and commented:
    I can never be more grateful for the four years I spent at Rowan Radio. The people at the station become like a family to you, and I’m so honored to be included in this.

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