Local Band Takes Stage With Big Names


Five of South Jersey’s most passionate musicians have recently come together to form what they like to call Chasing Utopia. Coming together only less than a year ago, members RJay Conley, Zack Routon, Alec Wright, Julian Willingham, and Marcus Barnard say they are already achieving more than they ever thought possible.

Last Friday, October 30th, the guys took the stage with Victory Records’ artist, The Bunny The Bear. Fans energetically enjoyed the set as Chasing Utopia shared words of hope. The Bunny The Bear bassist was even spotted moshing in the crowd.

Having already played with big hardcore names from The Browning to The Bunny The Bear, Chasing Utopia plans to continue on this rapid path to success. They are set to open for I Set My Friends on Fire this Saturday, November 7th at Planet Trog Entertainment in Whitehall, PA. They are also excited to announce they will be taking the main stage at one of Philadelphia’s most popular venues, The Trocadero Theatre on December 19th.

With melodic guitar riffs and catchy choruses, Chasing Utopia seems to effortlessly pump up a crowd. The band is currently planning an East Coast tour for this winter. They hope to gain even more of a fanbase as they play shows ranging from New Jersey all the way to Florida. They invite anyone with a love for music to come out and support the scene as they see what Chasing Utopia is all about.

Rowan Radio’s Kelly Green is a music enthusiast and the host of the Tuesday night Microgroove from 6-9 p.m. 


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