The Front Bottoms Offer Emotional Roller Coaster In Latest Album


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Rowan Radio DJ and Microgroove host Kelly Green knows a thing or two about music. She recently shared her thoughts on the latest album from New Jersey-based band The Front Bottoms. 

Stick three confused, emotional, twenty-something year olds on the road for a nationwide tour and what do you get? Nothing but good music.

It seems The Front Bottoms are officially incapable of producing anything less than captivating. On September 18, the indie rock trio from around the corner (Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey) released their third studio album, entitled Back On Top.

Sticking to the upbeat tempos and folksy influences that make them so distinct, the band is able to take you on a highly personal journey through young adulthood. All of the emotions that come with love, loss, and plain old everyday life, are conveyed in a way that will have you dancing and crying at the exact same time.

Some signs of major maturity emerge on tracks, like “Laugh Till I Cry” with lyrics such as “I laugh till I cry / I party all of the time / I must have liked it a couple years ago / But at some point I changed my mind”.

Along with these, many of the already brilliant tracks are guaranteed to sound even more brilliant when performed live; especially the album’s closer, “Plastic Flowers”.

Halfway through the track, Brian Sella unexpectedly takes a break from belting powerful vocals as he addresses the audience in a conversational tone. He casually shares a message of both hope and confusion, yet again leaving the listener somewhere between dancing and crying.

However, the track certainly provides closure as it is concluded with lyrics, “We are whole”. Ironically these lyrics just about sum up the entire album.

Back On Top allows The Front Bottoms to achieve something that most aren’t able to: Take the listener apart and put them back together as a better person.


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