Rowan University Commencement Memories


WGLS-FM members from the Class of 2008 along with Derek Jones (left) and Frank Hogan (right).

Two weeks ago, Rowan University Commencement 2014 took place featuring Governor Chris Christie amidst rather unfavorable weather conditions, forcing the ceremony to head indoors in Wilson Hall.

This time of year allowed Rowan University graduates that dedicated their time and efforts to WGLS-FM to reminisce about their own graduation experiences.

Kristin Davis – Class of ’06:

KD: Rowan Radio was a HUGE part of my graduation day. I vividly remember taking pictures in the station lobby with the rest of the Rowan Radio Class of 2006 graduates. It was “base camp” for the day for all of us.

It’s where we met before the day started, and where we brought our families back after the Commencement ceremonies were over. Of course, we represented throughout the day by putting Rowan Radio stickers on our caps so you could pick all of us out in the mass sea of graduates. I remember it feeling strange, realizing that after that day I wouldn’t be walking through the station door multiple times a day anymore. It was very bittersweet… thinking about how much I was going to miss it, but knowing that it really was the BEST time of my life. I cherish all of those memories to this day.

Heather (Shanley) Fullerton – Class of ’06: 

HF: My memories of commencement largely revolve around the tight-knit group of ‘GLS staff who graduated together.  I remember gathering at the station before everything started, goofing off as usual and getting our caps and gowns on together. This led to most of us putting Rowan Radio bumper stickers on the top of our caps to show our Rowan Radio pride.  Somewhere I have a picture of all of us in our caps and stickers.

Overall, I remember thinking I couldn’t believe graduation had arrived already and how much I was going to miss the people and experiences.  The “real world” was coming fast for me since I had already accepted the job at Cabrini and was scheduled to start the Monday morning after graduation. I think having a job lined up made me relaxed so I could just enjoy the festivities.

Ashley (Smith) Huggins – Class of ’08: 

AH: Unfortunately my graduation day wasn’t all that great because the weather was just awful. It was pretty chilly and rained all day so no nice outdoor photos or graduation. Obviously it was still awesome to graduate and I had a lot of friends within the College of Communication so that was still nice, but it could have been better had the weather cooperated.

I would say the best part of the day, besides actually walking on stage to receive my diploma, was heading back to WGLS and showing my parents and grandparents where I had spent so much of my time at Rowan. Other close radio friends also brought their families back so everyone could see where all of us station folks hung out each day and made tons of memories and learning experiences. All of our families also got to meet the infamous Frank Hogan and take pictures with Frank and Derek and all of us together in the lobby. That was a great part of the day and I’m glad the station was such a big part of it.

Colleen Platt – Class of ’97:

CP: We walked in and got the program, and on the program it said “Celebration, Kool and the Gang.” What it MEANT was Kool and the Gang wrote the song. What my friend turned to me and said was “Oh my God, are Kool and the Gang playing our commencement??!” It was a funny moment that has always stuck with me.

John Sadak – Class of ’00, ’03:

JS: Commencement proved both an optimistic day of focusing on the future and a melancholy event.  It meant planning for the next year as a Prof and as a station member, but also included goodbyes to good friends as an underclassman. Eventually, Commencement was my own farewell to the school, experiences and people I truly loved.  It coincided with the positive first step to our career paths, and the break away from what many of us still regard as the best times of our lives. Commencement has been one of life’s most bittersweet days.

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