A Salute To The Class Of 2014


Rowan Radio’s seniors at the WGLS-FM Banquet in April.

Rowan University Commencement 2014 hits the airwaves of Rowan Radio on Friday morning.

Prior to Friday’s festivities, which will feature New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie as Commencement speaker, some of Rowan Radio’s graduating class offered their thoughts on their time at Rowan University.

Waldy Diez – Former Student Station Manager & News Director:

Graduating from Rowan is extremely bittersweet. Rowan wasn’t my first choice school, but once I got involved with the radio station and the classes in CCCA, I fell in love with it. I still can’t believe my time here as a Prof is already up. I studied abroad, danced the night away with Ke$ha and LMFAO, had a severe allergic reaction to the paint at RoGlow, and even witnessed the campus celebration of Bin Laden’s death. I also spent four years on the air at Rowan Radio, and I don’t know if I could pick just one favorite memory. Every moment spent at the station is definitely an interesting one. It was really cool winning NJBA’s Best of the Best Students News sophomore year because I almost passed up on a story about Rowan’s first annual Tent State University; however, the journalist in me made me interview those students in tents. Spending about 36 hours in New Orleans and getting a pizza-sized pancake was definitely fun, too.

I am attending grad school to pursue a Master’s in Broadcast and Digital Journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. In addition to my studies, I will be an Instructional Associate, assisting the undergraduate students with their studies. My plan is to become the most well-rounded multimedia journalist I can. After my 14-month program in Syracuse and D.C., I will be proficient in newspaper writing, online media, and radio and television broadcasting. I hope to have a job in a major city like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, or even abroad!

Gianna Gugliuzza – Former WGLS-FM Promotions Director:

I have mixed feelings about graduating from Rowan this semester. While I want to leave and get out in the “real world”, I’m also really sad about getting older. I’m going to miss all the people I’ve met, the campus, and of course Rowan Radio!

Some of my fondest college memories I have are those that happened while being a part of the station, like our Christmas parties, broadcasts at Creamy Acres, and the annual banquets. Also, non-Rowan Radio related but the time I cut my foot open in the library and had to get taken out in an ambulance is another story from my college experience I tell people quite frequently. I wasn’t laughing at the time, but now it makes for a great conversation piece!

As far as my future goals go, they’re kind of all over the place. I’m pretty torn between my two passions (media and travel) when thinking about my future career. My ideal job would be to combine both, perhaps working in broadcasting or public relations for any cruise/airline. I mainly just want to explore the world at a young age!

Ellen Hardy – Former Co-Operations Manager & Assistant Promotions Director:

A majority of my Rowan Memories revolve around Rowan Radio. I might not have joined until my sophomore year, but it feels like I’ve been here forever. I can barely remember a time at college that didn’t involve this place. I could never pick just one memory as my favorite, because every day was a new memory. Shadowing Gianna and going on-air for the first time. My first solo show where I talked about the zombie apocalypse, because I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t. Dancing with Waldy Diez every Tuesday morning during our Early Bird, which you can still catch me on every Tuesday morning from 7-9 a.m. during the summer.

Biking in the snow, rain, sleet, hurricanes, just to make sure I was there for my show. Driving people crazy with my constant singing of Disney songs, especially Do You Want to Build A Snowman? on the super snowy days. Going crazy over trying to find eggs during a station wide Easter egg hunt. Spending countless hours with Alyssa Sansone to make sure our documentary, Online Dating? There’s an App For That, was perfect (which can be heard on our podcast page).

Working with so many wonderful people at the most amazing place I’ve ever been. I know I can be a bit obnoxious and a bit of an odd one, but Rowan Radio welcomed me with open arms. I will never be able to truly express how grateful I am to this place. I have no idea what the future holds.

I could be anything from a sensational voice actor to a reality tv show star. As long as I keep being true to my overachieving geeky self and my sparkling magic loving ways, I’ll be happy anywhere. I have no clue where I’m going or where I’ll be, all I know is that I’m taking Rowan Radio with me. And that sounded totally cliche and nonsensical but shush! I’m graduating, I’m allowed to be emotional…not that I’m not always, I mean I cry at the Pokemon Movie and the Giving Tree…and twice while writing this. To sum it up; I love Rowan Radio and I refuse to say goodbye. So, instead I’ll say this: toodlessss!

Landon Jones – Former WGLS-FM Promotions Director:

Rowan was such a great experience for me. When I graduated my community college I thought for sure I was done with school all together. I had my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and thought I was ready for the big bad world…until I found something I absolutely fell in love with…radio!

When I was initially introduced to radio in my community college, I couldn’t get enough of it. With a little push from close friends and family, I decided to take my talents to South…oh wait sorry wrong press conference. I decided to go get my Bachelor’s Degree at Rowan in Radio-TV-Film. Best. Decision. I’ve. Ever. Made!

I am truly going to miss being a part of Rowan Radio. I really found my path down here. My professors in my classes were incredible and the direction that my Station Managers Derek and Leo gave me, was priceless.

Some of my favorite memories was certainly graduating Magna Cum Laude and nailing a 4.0 my last semester. That’s something I had never done before. Becoming Production Director was another favorite memory of mine along with our live remote broadcast from Creamy Acres Farm, and winning a Communicator Award with Rachel and Ellen for the Instagram Promo. These are just some of my favorite memories at Rowan and Rowan Radio.

Although I am thankful that I do have a job in my career field, I am truly going to miss my friends that I made at Rowan Radio. You guys are a blast and are destined for big things. I hope we never lose touch. You all know who you are! I’m going to miss you guys. As for us seniors, it’s time for our retirement! Let’s go get em! Thank you Rowan University, and a great big thanks to you, Rowan Radio! 50 years strong!

Rachel White – Former WGLS-FM DJ:

Graduating from Rowan University is a scary yet quite exciting time in my life as I am the first to do so in my entire family. It is a chapter that I am thankful to have happened but I am now ready to move on to new experiences. I enjoyed my time here and Rowan Radio was the most wonderful part. Going into training was such an exciting time because I was joining the very station that my mother had listened to since before I was born. She tells me numerous times how awesome it is that it has come full circle in our family.

My favorite memories were my first show on air, making production gold with Landon and Ellen and earning the titles of the “golden pipes” and “DJ Rdubs!” My future plans include to get a full time job in marketing, communications or advertising. I hope to continue to be the trendsetter that I have always been in my family and break down the barriers that may stand in my way. Typical overachiever being anything but typical.

Quite a team of talent is leaving this year and I am proud to have been among such amazing people!


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