Rowan Radio Talks Disney

DisneyCharactersSince one of our own is heading to Florida to become a real Disney Princess, we asked our station members what Disney character they would like to be and why.

Joe Bilson, WGLS-FM DJ:

“I would say I am like Mickey Mouse because I am very courageous and I like to make people smile. I always like to make people’s day as well.”

Waldy Diez, WGLS-FM Student Station Manager, co-host of Tuesday morning Early Bird Special:

“If I had to chose which Disney character was most like me, I would have to say Rapunzel. We both have strict parents and are naturally curious about everything. We are both super clumsy and have super short hair! #shorthairdontcare”

Melissa Friend, WGLS-FM News Director, host of The Rowan Report:

“I would say that I’m Belle from Beauty and the Beast because of the fact that she shares a love for reading like I do. Her character is also very elegant and and kind. She has a very sweet personality and I admire her courage to confront others when it is necessary. Oh and Belle also means beautiful.”

Gianna Gugliuzza, WGLS-FM Promotions Director:

“I am most like Merida, because I am a very skilled archer and I also turned my mom into a bear once.”

Ellen Hardy, WGLS-FM Co-Operations Manager, co-host of the Tuesday morning Early Bird Special and host of The Sunday Matinee:

“Ariel, because she’s the original redheaded princess, and I have to support my gingers. She’s always singing, like me. She’s got gadgets and gizmos a plenty, so she comes off a bit like a collector, I can relate to that. I want to explore the shore up above…and by that I mean the world outside of NJ. She doesn’t read the fine print on a contract and I rarely do that with Terms and Services things online, so who knows what I’ve agreed to. Lastly, she’s a Princess.”

Larry Henry, WGLS-FM DJ:

“Probably Goofy. I can be really silly at times but I could be strict when I need to be.”

Pete Imbesi, WGLS-FM DJ:

“Peter Pan because I am forever in touch with my inner child and I love fighting Pirates.”

Derek Jones, WGLS-FM Interim Station Manager:

“The Genie from Aladdin. First off, I’m definitely envious of folks with supernatural abilities. Too cool. Plus, his role is to grant wishes and throughout his travels he realizes that the world isn’t as cool unless you have friends to share it with. I can relate to that.”

Leo Kirschner, WGLS-FM Interim Assistant Station Manager: 

“I would be Iago the Parrot from “Aladdin”. Like him, I’m very sarcastic, and highly excitable. And if I’m ticked off, I tend to molt!”

Chelsea Mettinger, co-host of the Thursday morning Early Bird Special:

“Jasmine! Because I dig tigers and it’d be awesome to have a first date be a magic carpet ride!”

Erica Milbourne, WGLS-FM Assistant Promotions Director, co-host of the Wednesday morning Early Bird Special: 

“I would have to say that the Disney Character that I’m most like is Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. I feel like I relate to her because she is elegant, graceful and well spoken. Mrs. Potts, like myself, is motherly, kind and encouraging.”

Alyssa Sansone, WGLS-FM Daytime Director, co-host of the Monday morning Early Bird Special, and host of Wednesday night Microgroove:

“I would be Mulan! She’s a tough chick and stands up for what she thinks is right. Plus she is tougher than the other princesses.”

Rachel White, host of the Lunchtime Special on Wednesdays from 11-1pm:

“I would be Pocahontas. She is independent, driven and takes the road less traveled by others. Not to mention she loves animals and has long hair like me! Plus, she goes barefoot and I would do anything to get away from shoes.”


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