‘Tis The Season: Holiday Tales From Rowan Radio


The Rowan Radio crew is set to celebrate the holiday season. Recently, we had a chance to ask station members about their favorite holiday memories.

Joe Bilson, DJ:

My favorite holiday memory is doing Pollyanna with my family and enjoying time off with them.

Demi Grossi, DJ:

“I would say that my favorite holiday moment was a couple years ago when I got to see my niece and my nephew unwrap gifts. They live in Virginia so with everyone busy schedules we dont get to see each other that often.”

Larry Henry, host on Tuesday mornings from 11-1:

“My favorite holiday memory was as a young kid when I was so excited to walk out into my living room on Christmas morning that I ran and slipped and almost knocked my Christmas Tree over and all the gifts.”

Pete Imbesi, DJ:

“My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 11. I had been taking drum lessons for a few months at that point but I didn’t have my own kit yet. I came downstairs to my very own drum set set up by the tree.”

Landon Jones, WGLS-FM Production Director:

“My favorite holiday memory is probably the pumpkin roll that my mom and grandmother make at every Christmas. It is a household tradition and happens at every Christmas or Thanksgiving. I just enjoy this time of year overall. There is no better feeling than finishing up finals, seeing my close friends here at the station before the holidays, and then spending the holidays with family!”

Chelsea Mettinger, host of the Thursday morning Early Bird Special from 7-9: 

“My favorite holiday memory would have to be from the year 1998. I was six and so excited for Santa to come I could barely contain it. Christmas Eve came, I got tucked into bed and at approximately 3 a.m. I woke up.

Now, we kept our Christmas tree in the basement so that Santa wouldn’t wake us up when he snuck in, he just came in the bilco door since we didn’t have a fire place. However, when I awoke I saw the basement lights on! They were shining into my bedroom! I quietly snuck into the basement to catch a glimpse at Santa, but I was mistaken! My parents were there! They saw me and hurriedly scooted me back into bed!

My mom told me that Santa wasn’t finished yet and they were helping him empty the sleigh and if I didn’t go right back to sleep Santa was going to leave! And I didn’t want that! So, back off to dreamland I went and awoke in a few hours to a tree packed with presents!”

Erica Milbourne, host on Monday mornings from 11 to 1, WGLS-FM Assistant Promotions Director:

“My fondest holiday memory is the year my friend dressed up as Santa and everyone sat on Santa’s lap for a picture.”

Joe Mineo, WGLS alum:

“My favorite holiday memory would have to be the year we started having a ‘Die Hard’ marathon IceSkatingon Christmas, after the fourth movie came out. The third movie is still the best, and I have to say, there’s nothing like watching stuff get blown up in front of the Christmas tree.”

John Salvatore, host of the Country Road on Saturday mornings from 7-10:

“My favorite holiday memory is when I used to spend all day Christmas Eve setting up our church for the children’s mass and seeing all of the people coming to the mass and being together.”

Alyssa Sansone, host of the Wednesday morning Early Bird Special from 7-9, WGLS-FM Daytime Director:

“My favorite holiday memory is when my dad would make me my sister and brother waffles with butter and syrup every Christmas morning while opening presents…however last year was awesome picking my sister up from the airport for Christmas!! She lives in Texas and I see her once a year.”

Laurie Senior, DJ:

“Probably my favorite holiday memory was when I was six and my cousin came over for a sleep over the day after Christmas. We were laying on the floor, drinking hot chocolate and playing Nintendo 64. However, we were so immersed in the game that my late Cocker Spaniel, Nicky, came up behind us and drank our hot chocolate right out of our mugs! I turned around to take a sip when he was standing there drinking it. It was one of the cutest and funniest things we ever saw that there was no way we could have been mad at him.”

Lauren Volpone, WGLS-FM Assistant News Director:

“One of the best parts of the holidays for me actually happens every year. Sometime in the week before Christmas, we throw a Volpone-family holiday party. My father’s siblings, their kids, and their kids’ kids all crowd into one house. It’s six hours of everyone shouting over each other to be heard, trying to get the rundown on fifty people’s lives. I look forward to it every year.

But for my favorite holiday memory, I would have to choose my mom reading the Night Before Christmas to my brother and I every Christmas Eve when we were kids. We would read it on our beds then go to sleep with visions of Chrismas morning in our heads. Hearing it always makes me feel nostalgic. It’s a tradition I definitely want to carry on whenever I have children!”

Rachel White, host on Monday afternoons from 3-5:

“My favorite holiday memory would have to be my mom’s annual Christmas Eve party. We get our whole gang together and celebrate. The feeling of having our house full of people and they’re all laughing and having a good time is awesome! Oh, and my power-wheels Jeep that I got when I was about six was pretty sweet too.”

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