Five Questions With…


WGLS-FM Student Station Manager Waldy Diez begins her final semester at Rowan University.

Name: Waldy Diez
Major: Journalism
Year: Senior
Hometown: Hammonton, NJ
Twitter: @_waldy

Our look at the 2013-14 WGLS-FM Executive Staff begins with a Rowan Radio veteran.

After spending two years as News Director, Waldy Diez begins her final year at Rowan University as WGLS-FM Student Station Manager.

1. What is your favorite Rowan Radio memory:

WD: My favorite Rowan Radio memory is probably any of the Tuesdays this summer. Tuesdays were mine and Ellen’s long days, so we would go around and “adventure.” We always got food and dessert, and occasionally we would be joined by other people.  It was almost like organized chaos. I don’t know why anybody would let the two of us together roam around for hours on end. That spells trouble.

2. Why did you get involved with Rowan Radio?

WD: I got involved with Rowan Radio because I wanted to get involved with some form of communications extra curricular right away. Rowan Radio is on year round, so it seemed like a good place to start.

3. What goals do you have for the upcoming school year?

WD: This upcoming year, I really want to get a 4.0. It would be my first and last semester with a perfect GPA. I also want to be accepted into the grad school of my dreams, Syracuse University. I think I would die of ecstasy if I was admitted.

4. If you could change one event in world history, what would it be?

WD: I would prevent Lincoln from being assassinated. He was such a good president: he got us through the American Civil War and started a plan for reconstructing the nation. It would be interesting to see how the nation would have turned out if he had a second term and was able to put in place his reconstruction plan properly.

5. What are your plans after Rowan?

WD: Since I graduate in December, I am still working on my short-term goals for what I’m going to do after Rowan. As for long-term, I plan on going to graduate school for digital and broadcast journalism. I should probably start my applications soon. #WaldyProblems

You can catch Diez and Ellen Hardy every Tuesday morning on the Early Bird Special beginning at 7. 


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