Rowan Radio Alumni Corner: Grads Offer Advice To Hopefuls


While WGLS-FM thrives on its student involvement, the station’s alumni base remains a bridge between Rowan Radio’s past and present.

Recently, we caught up with Rowan Radio alumni and asked them for words of wisdom to the outgoing graduating class on how to find that first post-graduation job. 

Chris Behringer – Traffic Editor/CSR at Radiate Media & Promotions, Production Team of Combat Zone Wrestling, LLC, WGLS DJ, Class of ’07: 

“Don’t take a job rejection personally; they took time to actually respond to you…many will not.”

Jessica (Brittain) Brunner – Event Manager at Marriott Hotels, former WGLS-FM Promotions Director & Student Station Manager, Class of ’04, ’05:

“Set attainable goals and celebrate each accomplishment.  Don’t get discouraged when things don’t go as planned; just be patient and keep working towards those goals.”

Raquel Bruno – Proprietor of Drive Entertainment Group, former WGLS-FM Music Director, Class of ’93: 

“Never take ‘No’ for an answer- there is always opportunity. Always persevere; always make your dreams happen. Even if you have to create the opportunity yourself.”

Bob Catania – Right Way Music Group, former WGLS-FM Music Director & Station Manager, Class of ’76: 

“My advice…don’t be afraid of internships in the field you are interested in. I hired many interns over my 35 year record industry career and most graduated into full time jobs very quickly….many went on to be major Industry players. Learn from the inside.”

Brett Davidson – former WGLS-FM DJ, Class of ’11: 

“Make sure to save all the contact information you have received from important people whether it was through an interview or something else because the more people you know the more chances you have of getting a job in this industry.”

Adam Dobrowolski – Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Broadcast Graduate Assistant, former WGLS-FM Sports Director, Class of ’11:

“My biggest peace of advice for the 2013 graduates: stay connected to the station! In my three post-graduate broadcasting jobs so far, two of my bosses are WGLS alums. Trust me when I say the word of mouth continues to resonate through the WGLS circles, whether it’s current or past members!”

Lynn (Bandell) Edelman Director of  Public and Corporate Communications for Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, former WGLS-FM News Director, Class of ’76:

“Believe in your talents and abilities.  Enthusiasm is contagious, so spread it to others.  Make your own good luck!”

Andy Gradel – Director, Interactive Marketing at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, former WGLS-FM Station Manager & Co-Operation Manager, Class of ’98: 

“Every company needs a communicator to tell their story across a variety of platforms. From blogs, apps and streaming video to social media, podcasts and traditional web properties, the gatekeepers are gone and every company can now be a broadcaster. While the path may not be paved, there is more opportunity than ever for creative communicators to define their role within organizations and create their own career.”

Jeff Hickman – Enterprise Campus Manager, Disney Professional Internships, former WGLS-FM Sports Director, Class of ’95: 

“Know your skill set and be realistic with the types of positions for which you apply. While related experience is important, companies are looking for employees who bring energy, positivity and a fresh outlook to the workplace.”

Ashley (Smith) Huggins – Sales Planning Supervisor at ESPN Radio, former WGLS-FM Rock Director, Class of ’08:

“If you know there is a field/job you are certain you want to work in, stay determined and keep trying until you get there; work is 40+ hours of your week and so you’ll want them to be where you’re happy!”

Tadd Kozienewski – Sterling TV-19 General Manager, former WGLS-FM Program Director, Class of ’90:

“Don’t accept NO as an answer. Be persistent with what you want to do with your career.”

Michael Licisyn – Freelance Videographer/Editor for Phillies Video Services, former WGLS-FM Promotions Director, Class of ’06: 

“Take what gigs you are offered and volunteer when you can. It will pay dividends in establishing contacts and yourself as a dedicated worker.”

Frank McGuigan – Former WGLS DJ, Class of ’96:

“Do what you want to do, not what someone else wants you to do.”

Max Negin – Assistant Professor at Elon University, former WGLS-FM Station Manager, Class of ’96: 

“Your network has been cultivated in your time at Rowan. Think about the students you sat next to in all those classes at Rowan.  All the jobs I ever got sprang from a softball game at Rowan the summer before my junior year.  Once you get your foot in the door, remember manners (please and thank you) and to be at least five minutes earlier for everything.  Politeness and being early will put you ahead of 80% of the world.”

Paul Petrucelli – Digital Output Centers Manager/Associate Professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, former WGLS-FM Public Service/Special Programs Director, Class of ’90: 

“Regardless of your major the job search is NOT a game, it is a war.  Be prepared, do your homework.  If you are vying for a position in Radio, television or the film industry do a self check………This cannot be something you WANT to do, it must be something you HAVE to do.  That is the dedication necessary to work and achieve in these industries. Sidebar:  While at WGLS……Don’t forget to have fun!!!  Experiment!!”

John Sadak – Director of Broadcasting/Media Relations, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (Triple-A affiliate of the New York Yankees), National Play-by-Play Announcer (ESPN, CBS Sports Network, Dial Global Radio), Former WGLS-FM Sports Director, Class of ’00, ’03:

“Work hard, be willing to move anywhere for any amount of money, show up on time, and realize it is more of a waiting game than anything else.  Do that and fortune will find you, along with success.”

Brian Sappio – Video Conferencing & Multimedia Coordinator for Drinker, Biddle, & Reath in Philadelphia, former DJ, former WGLS-FM DJ, Class of ’01: 

“As you start the next phase of your life and career, meet as many people as possible and make an impression on them – even if they aren’t in the field of work you’re looking to go into – contacts and relationships outside of your friends are extremely important and helpful for getting your foot in the door to job opportunities.  Congrats Class of 2013 and good luck!”

Chris Shearn – YES Network talent, former WGLS Sports host/play-by-play for baseball and basketball, Class of ’95: 

“The hardest part of the next level is getting that first gig.  By all means will this not define your career, but each step is necessary to keep advancing and moving forward.  Keep evolving with the technology and remember always, there is someone else that could be hungrier than you waiting in the wings.  Stay sharp and be proud of your Rowan pedigree and I’ll see you out there.”

Rob Strauss – Radio Broadcasting teacher & Station Manager at Sterling High School Radio, WGLS-FM DJ, Class of ’99:

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. – Henry David Thoreau. Congratulations and best of luck to the Class of 2013!”

Jim Vassallo – Owner/Writer of JAV Freelancing, former WGLS-FM Assistant Sports Director & Sports Director, Class of ’08:

“When it comes to looking for that first job, leave no stone unturned. The hunt will be exhausting, but in the end, the reward will be gratifying.”

Kelly (McDowell) Viseltear – Senior Project Manager at NFL Films, former WGLS-FM News Director, Class of ’97:

“Be humble, be patient.  Pay your dues now by working hard at the menial tasks, and you will find great rewards later in life.”

Jason Weber – NFL Films, former WGLS-FM Sports Director, Class of ’97

“Don’t get caught up in making your fortune right away. If your patient passionate and persistent you’ll be rewarded. And of course, don’t f’ing embarrass Hogan.”

Jeff Weber – Consulting Operations Officer for Business TalkRadio Network & Lifestyle TalkRadio Network, former WGLS DJ and News Director, Class of ’75:

“Keep at peace with God and with yourself.
Take time to love, it’s the one sacrament of life.
And above all, smile.
Things will be rough at times, of course;this is life.
But if you keep smiling, your troubles will float away.
Leave ’em laughing.”

Colin Weir – former WGLS-FM Traffic Director, Class of ’08: 

“You’re more likely to get a job by working with people you know than submitting resumes to online forms. And if you can’t find a job, you need to figure out how to work for yourself.”


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