Here’s To You, Class of 2013


While we move toward another school year in September, we close the book on the careers of many exceptional students that shared their time, energy, and personalities with us.

Nearly 20 of our students will be Rowan University graduates as of Friday morning’s Commencement ceremony.

Each of the graduating students had their own unique journey to Friday’s finish line. Some began training in high school; some were transfer students; some balanced academics and athletics along the way; or some dutifully served through work study.

Whatever the case, we’re happy to celebrate this special achievement with them.

As students rounded out their final on-air shows of their collegiate years last week, it was impressive to hear the pride and passion each of them possessed while describing their time at WGLS-FM.

In their own way, each of them made an impact on Rowan Radio through their drive, on-air performance, achievements, and loyalty.

Whether their contribution spanned one year or four, we can’t thank them enough for their dedication from the moment they stepped foot into Rowan Radio.

Here’s to you, Class of 2013.

The future awaits.

Rowan University Commencement 2013 airs on Friday morning beginning at 10. You can listen on 89.7 or online at


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