Changing Of The Guard


The 2013-14 WGLS-FM Executive Staff will be led by new Student Station Manager Waldy Diez, who assumes the role after being Rowan Radio’s News Director since 2011. 

Recently, we sat down with Diez and former Student Station Manager John Salvatore, who graduates in May, to discuss the position and the challenges it presents. 

What is the biggest challenge you faced when becoming Student Station Manager?

JS: When I came in, things were awry. There was not much involvement, not as many student activities. I filled the void and created a monthly activity where every station member was invited. We had some pretty good turnouts. We had up to 20 station members come out for different things. That got people involved and created friendships. So, I think keeping everyone on the same team and making team players out of everybody would be one of the biggest jobs you have throughout the year.

Anything you look back on and wish you did differently?

JS: I wish that we could have gotten more people involved with things. It seems like people are busy. If I had to go back and do it again, I’d try to make everybody feel equal.

What’s your favorite part about being Student Station Manager?  

JS: Planning the banquet. It’s planning an event for 65-70 people. I learned a lot. I learned about money management, planning, inviting, the food, and all the stuff that goes into planning a big event like that.

What advice do you have for Waldy?

JS: Waldy is going to be Student Station Manager until December. A lot of the big things that Student Station Manager does aren’t going to happen until after December so, stay on top of things…keep organized. It (the work) piles up quick.

Are there things you see that you’d like to tweak?

WD: I have a couple of plans to get more people involved. I want to make sure everyone gets along next year so I’m going to try and plan just executive staff trips and also general staff trips to try and bring everyone together.

What have you learned from John?

WD: I learned that you have to be on top of things, especially with the meetings. You have to make sure everybody responds to you and if they don’t, they are responsible for what they have done.

Why is Student Station Manager such an important role?

WD: I think it’s an important role because sometimes you need someone the students are comfortable talking to that’s your own age. You need someone in between that is going through what you’re going through now (on the college level).

Why did you want to run for Student Station Manager?

WD: I wanted to run because I want to help make a difference. I want to try and get more involvement even though I know it’s difficult. It’s something I want to work on. I think I’ve done a really good job getting involvement (as News Director) with the Rowan Report each spring and summer breaks.

John, what is your final message to the staff of Rowan Radio?

JS: Things are going to change and things have to change. It’s going to be change for the better around here. I think we need to keep oriented towards teaching. Everyone wants to come here and learn so we definitely need to have opportunities for people to continue to learn. I learned so much from Rowan Radio. I got a job because of Rowan Radio. Also, stay in touch after you graduate and stay involved.


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