The Dinner Party


It’s time to check in with the staff of Rowan Radio once again. This time, we asked the crew which three people they would invite to a dinner party. A collection of broad answers developed, ranging from Abraham Lincoln to Jennifer Lawrence.

Jackson Baird, sports broadcaster:

Jackie Robinson – I am a huge baseball fan, as well as a history buff, so who better to have than the single most important person in the history of baseball, maybe even professional sports in general.

Robert Downey Jr. – He has always been one of my favorite actors, and he seems like an incredibly interesting guy. I’m sure he’s got some great stories to tell.

John Lennon – My dad is a musician, so he passed his love of music and its history down to me. Seeing as how John Lennon is on the short list of most iconic music legends of all time, I would love to spend some time with him.

Dianna Califri, co-host of the Tuesday morning Early Bird Special: 

“The three famous people I would invite to dinner are Jennifer Lawrence, because I think she is an amazing actor and seems very down to earth.  Gabriel Inglesias because he is a very funny comedian and would really add some entertainment to the party and finally the Grimm brothers (they count as one in my book). I have always loved their stories growing up and would love to hear how they came up with their fairy tales.”

EJ Campbell, host of Saturday Night at the Oldies: 

Frank Hogan, Derek Jones and Ken Kaleta.”

Rob Cunningham, WGLS-FM Sports Director, host of The Late Late Rock Show: 

“I would invite my favorite musician, Ozzy Osbourne; Wayne Gretzky, because I am a hockey fan and he’s the greatest player ever; and Stone Cold Steve Austin because I am also a wrestling fan and he is my all-time favorite. I would love to hear the many stories that these three men could tell from their respective careers.”

Waldy Diez, WGLS-FM News Director, host of The Rowan Report:

William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer because they made a great step forward in journalism, my major. Although I don’t condone the yellow journalism they were known for, they were one of the first journalists to use color in their printing as well as the first to introduce full-page daily comics in the paper.

The third person would be Jennifer Lawrence because she’s just so quirky and matches my personality so well. And I mean it’s JLaw. Who doesn’t want her at a dinner party?”

Mike DeMora, co-host of the Thursday morning Early Bird Special:

My first guest would be Jennifer Lawrence. She’s simply fun to be around and easy on the eyes. I’d also like to have Steve Carell over because he’s the funniest man. My favorite TV show is the Office and his character of Michael Scott is absolutely hysterical. Finally, I’d invite professional wrestler Daniel Bryan. I’d like to have a beard off with him and there’s no better way to start one than at a dinner party.

Lindsey Giannini, Mondays 11-1 p.m.: 

I would invite Cleopatra, Walt Disney, and Justin Timberlake.

Gianna Gugliuzza, Fridays 11-1 p.m.:

J.K. Rowling – Queen of my everything. There’s a lot I could learn from her, like how to become a billionaire and be one of the most brilliant people on earth. I would sit and pick apart her brain for hours.

Andy Serkis – He would serve as the entertainment for the dinner party, because I would make him stay in character as Gollum the entire night. Voice, body movement, split personality, everything. I can’t help it that I’m freakishly obsessed with that little nugget.

George RR Martin – Oh, George. I don’t even know where to start with you. He would HAVE to tell me the ending to Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. Then I’d ask him why he is such a life ruining little troll to the fandom & also why does it take (what feels like) 20 years for him to churn out a book. All I want to know is what happens to my baby Sansa & he’s making it difficult.

Ellen Hardy, co host of the Tuesday morning Early Bird Special, host of The Sunday Matinee:

“First off, if I’m the one hosting this party, it’s going to be catered, I am not one to cook a massive amount of food, even if it’s only for three people other than myself. That being said, out of all the famous people in this multi-universe world we live in both past and present, I’d love to invite two of my closest friends, Mia and Jonie. You’re probably wondering who are these people. Don’t worry they’re totally famous…in their own minds…like me…yeah, truthfully, I’d rather share a meal with my two closest friends and one famous person so that I’ll have some people there to help me not make a fool of myself in front of the famous person. I’ve known these girls since high school and any time the three of us get together it is a blast and a half. Even though I do love those two like family, I still have one more guest to invite. I thought if I can invite anyone, why not go for the big guns and invite The Doctor himself.

Of course, if he were to say yes, he would have to travel over from his universe to ours, because in ours he only exists as a character in the fictional world of Doctor Who. So, he’d obviously win the, “Traveled the Farthest to Get Here” award, because at my party we’re totally having awards. It doesn’t matter which regeneration he’s in, even though I think having Four, Nine, Ten or Eleven as a guest would be absolutely amazing. They’re all so unique and fantastical in their own ways, that I’d welcome any version of him to dinner. Now, depending on where he is in the universe, he might be a little late, because his beautiful TARDIS will most likely take him on a detour or two. Which is fine with me, those detours are just more stories for him to share with us over a meal of fish fingers and custard.”

Matt Kazin, host of Saturday Night at the Oldies & Classic Rock Saturday:

Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elvis Presley.

“I would choose to invite Lincoln because of his character and for what he did as President of the United States.  He seemed to be a very interesting man and I would have loved to hear the stories he could tell about his time as commander-in-chief. I’d invite Jennifer Love Hewitt simply because she is my celebrity crush!  She seems to be an easy-going and fun person to just hang out with.

As for my final guest, Elvis, I’d invite him because I’ve always loved his music.  Ever since I was little, I’ve been either dancing, singing or learning more about “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”  I’d love to be able to sit down and chat and get to know him on a more personal level, and what better way is there than over food?  From the stories I’ve heard from other musicians who have met Elvis, they say he really was a great guy and a lot of fun to be around, so I think he’d make the dinner a lot of fun.”

Leo Kirschner, WGLS-FM Interim Assistant Station Manager: 

John Lennon – I’ve been a big Beatles fan since high school and think he’s the most interesting of the group, both as a songwriter and as a celebrity. Plus I would want to ask him “Seriously… Yoko?!”

Tom Hanks – The two-time Oscar winner has been a favorite of mine and he’s regarded as a generally nice and funny guy on and off the movie set. I would have him sign my DVD copy of his embarrassing early comedy flicks “Bachelor Party”. (If he could bring a guest, he can bring his “Bachelor Party” buddy, “Grease 2″ star Adrian Zmed.”)

Guy Fieri – I have no cooking ability whatsoever (I always burn toast, and I tried once to cook spaghetti on the BBQ without a pot!) Not only am I a fan of Guy’s show “Dinners, Dive-Ins and Dives”, but maybe I could get him to cook for us. He has a receipt for Capt’n Crunch French Toast I’m dying to taste.

Gina Lemanowicz Pusloski, host of the Sunday Sounds of Music:

Steve Jobs– I owe any future down payment on a house to buying Apple stock before the iPod

Dave Matthews– He seems like he would have a lot of good stories to tell from being on the road

Rachael Ray– So I wouldn’t have to cook the entire meal

Nick Lopes, host of the Tuesday night Microgroove:

The RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan because he’s an interesting person with a lot of history in the music business. I’d want to talk about his involvement with Shaolin monks, chat music, and see where that goes.

Nikola Tesla because I want to know what that guy was thinking when he invented/improved all the technology that runs our planet.

George Washington. It’s George Washington. He’s THE man. Also, if George brought Ben Franklin along, that’d be cool too.

Greg May, host of the Thursday night Microgroove and co-host of Classic Rock Saturdays: 

Robert DeNiroAl Pacino, and Joe Pesci.

Big pasta dinner and just watch all of their movies. And talk about all the best parts that everyone quotes.

Chelsea Mettinger, Mondays 9-11 a.m.:

Mark Twain, he’s fantastic. Although, if he already has dinner plans Hal Holbrook would do as well.

Cleopatra, she kicked butt.

Eric Clapton, need I explain?

Joe Mineo, WGLS-FM Production Director, host of The Student-Athlete Rock Show:

“I’d have to invite Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, who’s the biggest influence in my life music-wise, Kanye West, who’s the biggest influence in my life production-wise, and Mister Rogers, from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, who was the biggest influence in my life in terms of being nice to people. I feel like all three would make awesome conversation about what they did in their respective fields, and it’d be an incredible experience to pick their brains and learn more from them. Plus, after dinner, Dave could throw down on drums, Mister Rogers would pick up on piano, I’d pick up an electric guitar and Kanye would rap for the most insane modern music jam session of all-time.”

Jennifer O’Donnell, WGLS DJ:

“I’d invite Barack Obama and ask him to write some jokes.  I love the way he laughs at himself.  I’d also invite Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) and Leo Kirschner (WGLS-FM Interim Assistant Station Manager) so Leo and Jerry can discuss the complexity of The Grateful Dead’s music.”

Benny Panella, host of the Wednesday night Microgroove: 

“I would choose Charlie Sheen, because of how crazy and interesting he is. Sheen is a walking conversation piece and is easily a very entertaining guy with all of is risqué stories to tell about his rise and fall. Next would be Louis C.K., easily one of the funniest comedians on the planet and would provide that awkward come down from a wiry guy like Sheen. Finally, I would invite my father because I miss him very much since he passed away and I think being able to have one more night to see him and talk to him and have both of us entertained and to see him happy again one last time would mean the world to me.”

Sammy Pepper, veteran DJ:

Jesus Christ…….Are you still among us on earth?

John F. Kennedy….Would you have pulled all US troops out of Vietnam?

My Father…..(he died at age 54 when I was 24)…..Can you tell me about the Invasion of Normandy, the Battles, your  time as a POW, your escape into the woods in Germany, the weeks hidden on the German farm by a family….the return to the US…..he never spoke of these things.

John Salvatore, co-host of the Wednesday morning Early Bird Special:

Harrison Ford: Because I love the Indiana Jones movies and have idolized his character since I first saw them.

Jim Parsons: Because his character on the Big Bang Theory (Sheldon) is so funny and he seems like he would be an easy person to talk to.

Barack Obama: To talk in depth with him about his plans for the next four years.

Rob Szczepanik, co-host of the Wednesday morning Early Bird Special, host of The Country Road:

“Can I say Kate Upton, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox?”

(Editor’s Note: Yes.)

Lauren Volpone, Tuesdays 11-1 p.m.:

“If I could invite three people to a dinner party, it would have to be F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Steve Martin. F. Scott and Zelda would entertain themselves, and I would have Steve Martin all to myself.”

Photo via Yahoo Movies.


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