Rowan Radio’s Favorite Holiday Gifts


While the holiday season is past us, the memories have not faded for Rowan Radio. Recently, we asked WGLS-FM members to share with us some of their favorite gifts from the holiday season.

Jackson Baird, DJ “My favorite gift I received this holiday season was a San Clemente Longboard. I’ve been wanting to get a longboard for a while, because it’s a really convenient and versatile mode of transportation, and also because it’s simply a lot of fun. Being able to cruise around campus on my longboard is always a good time.”

Dianna Califri, Promotions Director – “My favorite holiday gift is my new iPad 2. I knew having a iPad would make taking notes a lot simpler and it would cut down on the weight in my bag from notes books. It is very useful when I want to quickly check my e-mail, (my computer takes forever to turn on) checking my bank statement, keeping track of appointments, I can read books on it, go on the internet and I do a lot of traveling so it is much easier to carry around the iPad instead of my 17 inch laptop.”  

Rob Cunningham, Sports Director “…a tie between a pair of lounge pants that my girlfriend gave me and a couple of Best Buy gift cards from various people. When I’m at home, I like to just relax and sit on our recliner and comfortable clothing makes sitting at home even more relaxing. As for the gift cards, Best Buy is my favorite store. I could easily spend hours there wandering around aimlessly.”

Mike DeMora, DJ – My favorite holiday gift that I received this year was my brother returning home from the Air Force for Christmas. I haven’t seen him in about two years and it was great to finally see him after being away for so long. He’s been in the Air Force for 6 years and was just approved for another 4 years. He rarely comes home, so when he does it’s always special to my family, and myself.”

Waldy Diez, News Director“I finally got a MacBook Pro. It is so much better than my other computer and it will help me out better in my journalistic career. The second one is a gag gift from my boyfriend and his family. All during finals week last semester, all I wanted to do was color, but I didn’t have a coloring book. So for Christmas, I got a box of 120 crayons, a bug themed coloring book (I HATE bugs), and a giants Brave themed coloring book, both with stickers! It feels nice to color and pretend you’re five years old again, even if it is for those ten minutes or so that you color.”

Chris Douglas, DJ – “In 1975 the comedy western film Rancho Deluxe was released starring Sam Waterston and the great Jeff Bridges as two cattle rustlers that make it their life mission to annoy a wealthy ranch owner by stealing as much from him as possible and having a blast doing it. The script was written by the great American author Thomas McGuane but it is the soundtrack that made this movie a cult classic because it was composed entirely by a young singer songwriter named Jimmy Buffett who after the unfortunate death of Jim Croce in September of 1973 was pushed by ABC Dunhill to be the next big mustached troubadour which he quickly became. My brother Ben is the most thoughtful gift giver in the family which means whatever you get from him you will love but you will feel the immediate shame of knowing your gift for him just doesn’t quite compete so when I tore away the paper to see my copy of the Rancho Deluxe soundtrack on vinyl my inner joy was quickly interrupted by the realization that I got him American Splendor on DVD…..but hey, mustache or no mustache, Paul Giamatti is an American treasure too…..right?”         

Ellen Hardy, Assistant Promotions Director – “I’m one of the few people who enjoys getting socks for Christmas…not just any socks though. I got multiple pairs of knee highs in various colors and patterns. My favorite one is the purple zebra print with a lavender and teal background. They look so fabulous.” 

Landon Jones, DJ“A cool gift that I received this Christmas was a record player. But it wasn’t just your normal old record player. It can play records, CD’s, cassette’s and can even hook up to your MP3 player or iPhone/iPad. I have always wanted a record player. I think this gift is unique in the sense that it shows where our history lies when it comes to audible entertainment and where we are headed. It has all four of the big advancements throughout our history and present. It should be very interesting to see where the future goes from here. Definitely an awesome, unexpected gift!”

Leo Kirschner, Interim Assistant Station Manager – “After receiving an entirely practical (yet completely unwanted) snowblower as a previous gift from my in-laws,  when asked what I wanted for the upcoming holiday, I sarcastically replied, “Nothing that contains motor oil.”I then got a family-sized deep fryer… (apparently, I made no mention about “cooking” oil!) My family LOVED IT and we began to deep fry everything! After a few years, it finally broke down and we were all quite upset.Thankfully, my in-laws replaced it. Nothing says “Joy To The World” like deep fried popcorn shrimp and chicken tenders!”

Nick Lopes, DJ –  “My favorite Christmas present was a pair of jazz records. One of them is the legendary Headhunters from Herbie Hancock, which has one of my favorite jams of all time on it, Chameleon. Not to mention, every song on Headhunters is downright filthy (in the best kind of way). The other vinyl given to me was Illusions by Arthur Blythe. Before the first time I spun this album, I had never heard of Arthur Blythe. My friend picked it out for me simply because she “thought it looked cool.” This time, the metaphorical book could be judged by it’s cover because Illusions turned out to be one of the best jazz albums I’ve heard in quite a while. The best gifts really are the ones you don’t expect.” 

Chelsea Mettinger, DJ“My favorite gifts this holiday season would have to be a New Girl Season 1 DVD as well as a long overdue Alanis Morissette CD, Jagged Little Pill. Not to be forgotten was a CD/DVD combo pack of a live Zeppelin concert in London and a new ring from my boyfriend in the shape of a flower! Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Lindsey Mikos, Traffic Director – My favorite holiday gift was my iPhone 5. This was a great present because I will be graduating in the spring and will need to be looking online for job openings and even now for substitute teaching jobs. It also helps me to keep up with all of the happenings at the radio station. It was about time I stepped into the smart phone world!”

Joe Mineo, Production Director“My favorite holiday gift this year was a 4-pack of black athletic socks from my parents. As an athlete, I go through socks pretty quickly, and seeing those socks was one of the happiest moments of the holidays. I know it sounds completely lame, but socks make a difference in my life.”

Jennifer O’Donnell, DJ – “I have always wanted a cuckoo clock and finally got one from my husband and kids!  The best part is that every time it says “cuckoo” I reply with “Yes they are!”  — The family doesn’t find it funny anymore.”  

Benny Panella, DJ – “…a silver seiko watch i got for Christmas. It’s a shiny flashy watch and i just love it. I’ve always wanted one because watches look really cool so when I got it I was about as happy as a clam.”

John Salvatore,  Student Station Manager – “I love the remote control helicopter that I got for Christmas. I have used it for spying and exploring places that people cannot easily get to. It is a great tool for many people to use. The learning curve for flying a helicopter is a bit lengthy and some minor scratches on the ceiling and walls are inevitable. Sorry mom.”

Allie Volpe, Operations Manager –My gift isn’t really so much of a physical gift but more of the result of a gift. A few of my aunts bought my grandmother an iPad and since then she’s become obsessed with Words With Friends. Seeing that I myself am obsessed with Words With Friends this is perfect. What makes it even more enjoyable is when she realized there was a chat feature. There are few things better than when a previously technologically illiterate lady gets a hold of a touch screen. I also enjoy the fact that she stays up later than me just playing this game. The Christmas gift that keeps on giving.”

Lauren Volpone, DJ – “This year was a practical holiday for me. My parents helped me by wrapping up toll money in ribbon and stashing gift cards for gas in my stocking. Thankfully, they knew just what I needed!”


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