Five Questions With…

GregIt’s time to get to know some of the voices behind Rowan Radio by meeting members of WGLS-FM’s Executive Staff.

Name: Greg May

Residence: Glassboro, NJ

Major: Radio/Television/Film

Position: Daytime Director

1. Why did you join Rowan Radio? 

GM: My junior year I was walking into Bozorth in the fall. I just started at Rowan after transferring from community college. After walking into the building a few times I began to become very interested with the radio station. One day I met Nick Lopes out front of the station, and he told me a lot about WGLS and how much he enjoyed it. After that I send Derek an email and signed up for a class.

2. Your favorite Rowan Radio memory? 

GM: My favorite WGLS memory would have to be the 2012 banquet. The banquet is a time when everyone at the station gets together and can talk about all the good times that happened over the years, and what happened during your current year. Alumni come and speak to you about their memories also. The banquet makes me feel like Rowan Radio is a big family and that is a great feeling.

3. Favorite non-Rowan Radio related activity? 

GM:  This may seem odd, but I collect VHS tapes. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to outdated home entertainment. There is something about VHS that is very nostalgic for me. I currently have about 700 tapes in my apartment and hopefully more on the way.

4. What advice would you give future station members? 

GM: I would tell station members to just be very involved with the station. It is great to just do a show but if you really want to feel part of the family, help out whenever you can, cover shows, ask if there is anything you can do; just get involved as much as you possibly can. That is the best way to really enjoy your station experience. There is nothing like it so you just have to take advantage of it.

5. If you’re trapped on a deserted island, what three things are you bringing? A cell phone is not allowed. 

GM: I would bring my backpack, so I might actually get some schoolwork done now that I would be off campus. I would bring a fishing pole so I could catch some food, and I would bring a case of matches so I could make fires with ease.


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