Five Questions With…

It’s time to get to know some of the voices behind Rowan Radio by meeting members of WGLS-FM’s Executive Staff.

Name: John Salvatore

Hometown: Elmer, NJ

Major: Radio, Television, & Film

Position: Student Station Manager

Previous Positions Held: Traffic Director, Co-Operations Manager

1. Why did you join Rowan Radio? 

JS: I joined the radio station when I was a senior in high school in 2008. I knew that I wanted to be a part of the station as soon as a toured it. Rowan Radio has such a fun and inviting atmosphere and I’m glad that I pursued becoming a member.

2. Your favorite Rowan Radio memory? 

JS: My favorite Rowan Radio memory is definitely when our previous Student Station Manager, EJ Campbell, accidentally fell into our secretary desk in the lobby and busted it. Probably the funniest and most memorable thing to happen at Rowan Radio in my time.

3. Favorite non-Rowan Radio related activity? 

JS: In my free time I enjoy working in theater. I build sets for musicals and I am also a technical director, meaning I do the lights, sound, and anything else that goes into an on stage production. I also have a history of performing on stage in my high school years as Daddy Warbucks, Scrooge, and many others.

4. What advice would you give future station members? 

JS: Advice that I would give to future station members is to get involved and ask questions. There are no stupid questions and if you are ever unsure of how something works, just ask. Learn as much as you can, do your show right while having fun doing it, and try to get on Executive Staff.

5. If you’re trapped on a deserted island, what three things are you bringing? A cell phone is not allowed. (Explain each answer).

JS: 1. A companion. Nobody likes to be alone, especially if you are trapped on a deserted island. Also, two minds are better than one and together you can both come up with ideas to survive and maybe escape.

2. A radio. Well, so I can listen to some news and entertainment and maybe even tune into Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM.

3. A camera. I enjoy photography and videography and having this device with me while deserted would allow me to document the adventure and keep records. I could also use any footage or photos to make an award-winning documentary if my companion and I are ever rescued.


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