Rowan Radio Rock Block

Rowan Radio has an exciting mix of Rock Shows each and every weeknight starting at 9 for your listening pleasure. Take a look at the Rowan Radio Rock Block.

Monday 9pm-11pm: Tune into Audio Blood with Alison Allen. Join Alison as she plays all the best that Pop-Punk, Alternative Rock, and Indie has to offer.

Monday 11pm-1am: Stay up Late for Metal for the Masses with Matt and Omarey . Join Matt and Omarey as they turn up the volume with all the Metal you crave. From Impending Doom to Hatebreed Matt and Omarey got you covered.

Tuesday 9pm-11pm: Tune in  Tuesday for the Chicks That Rock with Liz Loshikian. Join Liz for two hours of the best female artists from rock to pop. From Adele to Evanescence the tiny terror is determined to prove that girls can rock out just as heavy as the boys.

Tuesday 11pm-1am:  Tuesday tune into Center Stage with Chris Capitanio. Join Chris as he plays a variety of music from rock to progressive and metal.

Wednesday 9pm-11pm:  Wednesday get in touch with your Indie side with Allie Volpe. Allie will be playing the best that Indie rock has to offer every week.

Wednesday 11pm-1am: Tune into Auditory Trauma with Brett Davidson on Wednesday. Brett will bring the best that Post-Hardcore and Metal has to offer. From Motionless In White to Lamb of God crank up the volume and enjoy the heavier side of WGLS.

Thursday 9pm-11pm: Tune in Thursday for the Student Athlete Rock Show with Joe Mineo. Join Joe as he plays the best in old rock, new rock, and the rock you’ve never heard of.

Thursday 11pm-1am: Tune into the Late Late Rock Show Thursday’s with Rob Cunningham. Rob will play an artist from each letter of the alphabet ranging from the 60’s to today the Late Late Rock Show has you covered.

Friday 9pm-11pm: Tune in Friday for Don Banks. Don will bring you the best that Hard Rock has to offer.

Friday 11pm-1am: Tune in Friday for John Early. John will bring you the best that Alternative has to offer each week.


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